By Francesca Dec 22, 2014
Recently, my now-ex boyfriend and I "consciously uncoupled". There were no broken wine glasses and, thus far, no boiled bunny rabbits, either. It was clean, civilised and amicable. Having said tha... (Read more)
By Francesca Sep 28, 2014
I guess it's over, I realised with a defeated sigh. Looking back, it had been coming for a while. The 'it's not you, it's me's'; the 'I'm just really busy at the moment'; the impersonal, detached ... (Read more)
By Francesca Sep 2, 2014
There are a lot of things you can quantify on a numerical scale. Pain. Job satisfaction. The latest Inbetweeners film.But female beauty shouldn't be one of them.I'm talking about the infamous '1-to... (Read more)
By Francesca Jul 2, 2014
BBC2′s ‘Shopgirls: the True Story of Life Behind The Counter’ reveals how the rise of ‘shopgirls’, well-dressed women employed to work on the floor in retail, caused the unanticipated consequence... (Read more)